The question of “Who is EKSAN” is able to answer briefly as follows: A company which adds value to the leading sofa and upholstery brands of Turkey and Europe with over 100 kinds of mechanism, and also has become the leader of the sector thanks to the customer satisfaction gained because of its production and service.

Since the day we established EKSAN, we have been producing and servicing one step ahead of others in our industry with an innovative and customer-oriented perspective thanks to our knowledge and 40 years of experience. Our products are supervised by experts at every stage of production. Because, we don’t allow for even a small negligence in the production line. We provide the stability of our product quality and customer satisfaction in this way.

The principle of "Quality assurance during production" is adopted by the employees at all levels of our company. This is the secret lying behind producing the best and delivering on-time with reasonable prices.

With the responsibility of being the leader of our industry, we are investing in our R&D department in order to go beyond the standards.

The final products where our products are used and their great success, which are achieved both in the national and the international market, are the greatest source of pride. We regard our customers as our partners in business life and because of that we offer them the best quality materials with the best prices. When we see our contribution in their success, we have the greatest award.

We are successful because we are a principled, honest company; we appreciate the value of labor and laborers and don’t compromise on quality. Endless thanks to everyone who appreciate our works and prefer us in their production processes trustfully.