Human Resources

    EKSAN MECHANISM is aware of getting the enormous strength from its employees while moving towards its goals. The success of human resources, constant development of an effective internal communication is in the form of use of the success and solution-oriented work environment, performance management, and career planning is aware of the fact. EKSAN is conscious of that success passes through continuous development of human resources, effective intercorporate communication, success and solution oriented work environment, performance management and career planning.
  • In EKSAN;
  • The ground of new ideas and suggestions by creating participative work environment with the communication based on trust and ethical principles is prepared.
  • Appropriate measurement and evaluation systems are used to assess the performance of employees objectively.
  • Employees are given educational opportunities for their personal and professional development.
  • A strong sense of belonging for employees is created by means of equal opportunities and career planning offered.
  • A working environment in which all employees can use and develop their competences is provided and employees are encouraged to take responsibility.